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Reduce common new product development barriers by choosing us as your OEM partner


At Vollrath Manufacturing Services, we not only manufacture outstanding products, we also build partnerships that endure from project to project. Hear how we build true partnerships with our customers from our experienced team of experts.

When you choose Vollrath Manufacturing Services, you get the best the industry has to offer.

  • Resources
    When it comes to what we offer our clients, the quantity is also quality. We offer access to a fully integrated staff of designers, engineers, and manufacturers— all experts in their field—across nine fully-equipped, state of the art manufacturing facilities. You’ll also be able to employ our enormous breadth of in-house design, engineering, and manufacturing capabilities for a wide variety of industries .
  • Expertise
    Our depth of expertise is far beyond what a typical supplier can offer, due to our expansive, dedicated team of designers, engineers, and manufacturers working in collaboration across nine full-service facilities.
  • Commitment
    The way we see it, your challenges are our challenges. That’s why we provide an unparalleled level of commitment to your projects, integrating ourselves into your team as needed, and pursuing the best possible solution as if the project was our own. We do the work so you can enjoy the reward.
  • Communication
    We believe maintaining an open line of communication is critical to collaborative success. That’s why we work to create open, honest dialogue with our clients, and provide answers to all your product-related questions. We also provide you with project management support—unique to our industry—to solve problems and ensure deadlines are met.
  • Everything In-House
    By keeping our broad array of design, engineering, and manufacturing capabilities and services in-house, we’re able to provide our customers with lower risk, more cost-effective product solutions. It also allows us to take on projects that are too complex for the typical contract manufacturer.

How We Help You Outperform

When you partner with us, we help you reduce the barriers and long lead times of typical new product development environments. We help you minimize risk and reduce cost by providing engineering design consulting. Our engineers are experienced in a variety of industries and act as an extension of your internal team. Our breadth and depth of capabilities empowers us to be flexible and enables us to solve problems for our customers in ways that are beyond the reach of a typical contract manufacturer.



...true partners built on close collaboration....your typical churn-and-burn vendor chasing down
the next quote.
...a company that designs a solution that can improve your overall product....afraid to offer recommendations if a spec change or
manufacturing process can save money or fix
a potential problem. to deliver engineering expertise and metal forming
capabilities beyond expectation - on custom and standard components, for runs large and small.
...a commodity parts supplier. Complex, engineered
products and solutions are what we do best.
...standing on the stability and financial strength of
The Vollrath Company. to the scene.



Don't Just Take Our Word For It

“When Vollrath constructively challenges our engineering, we end up with a much more cost effective, robust design and consistent quality through the life of the product.”

- Senior Program Manager
  Premium Fitness Equipment Manufacturer

“It wasn’t just depth of commitment, but also the breadth of commitment. From sales, to engineering, quality, and purchasing.”

- Senior Program Manager
  Premium Fitness Equipment Manufacturer

“Engineering support is very important for us. Vollrath designed the tooling and collaborated to make any designs for manufacturing throughout that process. It was our expectation we’d receive full support. Vollrath fulfilled on that.”

- Engineer/Project Manager
  Global Medical Device Company