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KETOS Water Intelligence


Project Profile

KETOS Water Intelligence

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A critical component of a revolutionary smart water monitoring system that can be widely adopted and add value from small start-up operations to large scale manufacturing makes full use of the in-house expertise only Vollrath Manufacturing Services (VMS) can provide.

KETOS Solutions offered today are an essential component of a unique, innovative, patented platform for building water safety grids. Water quality today is a concern for many
areas, including industrial, agriculture and municipal. The KETOS SHIELD solution is a self-contained, unmanned unit designed to provide real-time and on-demand monitoring of several ionic, environmental, water health parameters.
The KETOS Solution solves a much-needed problem with integration of several disciplines within a single hardware unit. When deployed across a variety of water sources: processed,
ground, surface, treated, or drinking water systems, it provides real-time actionable information for prescriptive
filtration or remediation based on the type of contaminants. To function effectively, the entire VMS-assembled unit must be robustly manufactured in a
way that meets all the customer expectations set by KETOS for precision, sensitivity and
accuracy that is unparalleled in the industry.
VMS offered the broad scope
needed to work closely with
KETOS in taking their vision for
the solution from prototype to full
production with the readiness
required for scale across segments
whether Industrial, Agriculture or
Municipal. With VMS’ extensive
internal capabilities plus a trusted
network of reliable suppliers,
VMS worked with KETOS through
design iterations and feature
enhancements to ensure a robust
product that delivers industry

More Than a Manufacturer

Real-time actionable intelligence provided through the Internet of Things (loT) is growing every day. So when ambitious and visionary startup KETOS needed to bring its vision to fruition through a critical piece of hardware from in-
house builds to scalable and sustainable manufacturing and production, they selected VMS as their supply partner. For the product and process experts at VMS, it was a perfect fit. 

VMS was able to provide KETOS a turnkey manufacturing solution with capacity to scale production with KETOS growth domestically and internationally. KETOS is an industry pioneer adapting, refining and growing as customer needs for data driven decision making regarding water quality increases. For KETOS, flexibility without compromising quality while delivering on-time for strong customer retention and satisfaction is a priority. VMS is a strategic partner to achieve these goals and provide the support for navigating this in a nimble manner.

The Takeaway

“Success with a fast growing startup like KETOS could only occur when key ingredients are prioritized
by a manufacturing partner: flexibility, accuracy, product quality and strong communication to operate
as an extension of our team,” said Meena Sankaran, KETOS Founder & CEO.

VMS was able to accomplish all of these critical functions, while marrying together both manufactured
and sourced components and then assembling, testing, and shipping a finished device that meets the
standards set by KETOS for the highest integrity and impact.

The success of KETOS is an example of how a 148-year-old company like VMS can achieve results with its breadth and depth of experience in the new age of operations. We do this through supporting innovation, being foresighted and most of all, having the ability to adapt for delivering customer excellence. The ability for VMS to execute within all of our leadership ranks and collaborate with KETOS with a heightened sense of urgency and transparency is a testament to what our organization can achieve.

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