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Product Development From Concept to Consumer

Project Profile

Manufacturing Technology Brings Traeger’s Top-of-the-Line Induction Cooktop to Life

Traeger Inc., the innovator and category leader in wood-pellet grills selected Vollrath Manufacturing Services (VMS) to partner with and collaborate on a new custom outdoor induction cooktop for its new grill line. This component complements many of the other features of Traeger’s fully reimagined Timberline Grill, its most advanced outdoor cooking solution to date. Traeger selected VMS based on Vollrath’s proven capabilities and leadership in commercial induction technology


Traeger has been at the forefront of pellet-fueled grilling technology and was seeking a partner to assist them with adding new innovative elements for its next-generation Timberline Grill product line.


The successful launch of this first-of-its-kind direct-to-consumer product was contingent on ensuring that the specific design elements requested be incorporated into the product design. It also needed to function outdoors in a variety of environments.


Vollrath’s manufacturing and tooling knowledge and its numerous patents with commercial induction processes along with its vast supply chain network meant that VMS could more than meet Traeger’s varied industrial design needs and manufacturing specifications.

Product Development from Concept to Consumer

Traeger wanted to continue to break new ground by adding a new outdoor-rated induction cooktop to both its Timberline and Timberline XL grills. This would increase the overall versatility of the product by being able to efficiently sear, saute’, simmer, and fry while simultaneously grilling items.

The solution had to integrate new grilling station technology along with a power source. Until recently, outdoor grill burners were primarily fueled by gas with propane. Incorporating induction into a grilling station is a relatively new concept for the at-home chef. Vollrath was brought on board to design, construct and manufacture this high-end accessory which would require top-notch tooling details and integrate unique technology as well as incorporate necessary safety features.

“We knew what we wanted to achieve with the induction component of our new Timberline Grill and Vollrath’s breadth of engineering and manufacturing solutions, along with their experience with induction, assured us that they could produce exactly what we were looking for,” says Jim Hardy, Chief Supply Chain Officer at Traeger.

VMS engineers worked diligently from start to finish to test each step of the process while also working around the shutdowns and other obstacles associated with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Contributing to the Current Pinnacle of Traeger’s Premium Product Offering

The VMS team customized its own commercial induction technology and put into play its engineering aptitude to manufacture the unit for this one-of-a-kind product for both of Traeger’s Timberline models.

The addition of the Traeger Induction® cooktop allows for essentially full kitchen functionality in a grill. The cooktop can heat up twice as fast as a gas burner or a standard radiant heat electrical cooktop. With this induction feature, it can bring a cast-iron pan up to searing temperature and is much safer than using a direct flame.

The induction cooktop enhancement is a flagship development for Traeger that ensures both precision and performance for any outdoor cooking enthusiast.

“Traeger has spent 35 years innovating and perfecting what it means to cook incredible meals outdoors, and the new Timberline has everything you need to do just that,” said Jeremy Andrus, CEO of Traeger Grills.

The detailed collaboration between Traeger and Vollrath on this product development led to a continued partnership as Traeger moves to launch similar product lines, in fall 2022 in European, Australian, and Canadian markets.

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